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Perl      Embedding    Engine

A Perl module (two, to be precise) that allows the use of Perl in templates like HTML.

It is very similar to JSP, PHP, ASP, and other template languages. In fact, the entire idea is assembled from these languages. However, there are few notable differences.

  • It embeds Perl - our kind of language, not java, not VB!
  • It is extremely simple - there are only 4 different tags, no need for a 100-page manual.
  • It is open and compatible - the core of PEE is the parser, which compiles the template into ordinary perl code. It does not get in your usual way of perl programming, since it does not do more than assembling layout code with logic-handling code. It does not even require mod_perl, although you may use it.
  • It is extensible - because everything is open, you may build a caching mechanism easily, or add additional tags.

PEE is currently hosted at SourceForge. You may use the discussion forum or bug tracking to get support on using PEE. Contributions are definitely welcome!

The latest release is 1.07 (5th Mar 2001), download here

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